Hi, I am Kathryn

the President and Founder of Profitivity, Inc., an internationally recognized Speaker, Business Culture Consultant and Master Trainer for small and large organizations, worldwide. I am a #1 best selling author of “The Business Owner’s Guide To Empowered Leadership.”  I've created award-winning training systems, and interactive virtual courses, published dozens of articles, and am considered a dynamic, enlightening and entertaining business development expert. 

Hi, I am Amber

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How it began...

Welcome to Profitivity

 For 33 years, Profitivity has worked with frustrated business owners who literally don’t know how to hold their employees accountable, burning themselves out, losing money and ending up with everyone dependent on them.

We join forces with the leaders within a business to create systems that allow teams to get crystal clear on exactly what good looks like, how to convey ideal behaviors to their employees, how to correct behaviors, and how to reinforce the ideal standards every day. This fully customized structure gives business owners freedom and puts money in their pockets every day moving forward!

How My Team Can Help

Clients who work with me get: 

  1. A third-party leader to identify and sweep away problems within your business
  2. Customized, self-teaching Blueprints that embody the voice of your company’s standards and contain all of your documentation for systems, behaviors, expectations, and reinforcement.
  3. An internal network of mentors who are trained to sign off on employees who are teaching themselves with the Blueprints, they also protect relationships and keep standards high. 
  4. Daily self-teaching processes, team huddles and collaboration to harness your team’s momentum and motivation to take your business to a new level of success. 
  5. A perfectly duplicatable system that can be used to sell the business for profit, expand, or launch a franchise. 

I set up businesses to be completely self-reliant. Together, we rid the organization of confusion and replace it with clarity and structure so that you can completely own the processes in your business. 

By the time I’m done working with a client, everyone within the business feels as though they are playing on a winning team – everyone has each others’ backs. Employees feel excited to come to work each day, they’re fulfilled, and customers flock to that energy. 

At Profitivity, we redesign businesses to flourish.

Why I do it

Profitivity helps businesses end the cycle of frustration and drained profits caused by high employee turnover, inefficient workflows, and ambivalent team energy.

We systematically makeover your business by: 

  • clarifying your ideal team dynamic and workflows, 
  • applying transformative language, 
  • documenting expectations and processes,
  • empowering mentors within the organization to lift others up in leadership,
  • and reinforcing healthy team dynamics, 

Profitivity transforms businesses from stagnant and lackluster to lucrative and flourishing. 

By stripping businesses down to the most essential elements and reconstructing workflows, relationships, and training procedures within the framework of optimal performance, Profitivity  provides transformative consultation on-site, designs clear standards, and implements them via in-person workshops and remote coaching. 

In working with Profitivity, businesses are able to shed the weight of broken systems and step into a revitalized work environment built on the principles of effective communication, clear expectations, empowering mentorship, and perpetual commitment to excellence. 

Kathryn’s schedule fills up well in advance so schedule some time today!