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We have a proven system to help business leaders reboot their culture and build self-managing businesses by elevating their team to “stakeholders.”

Together we set crystal clear expectations and create a fully customized training system so you are all on the same page and can hold each other accountable. Ultimately, this system becomes your Playbook to confidently grow your business for years to come.


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This system is complete, it’s a legacy. Once you have this you will never have to do it again. The voice of your company will be in the box. Every expectation is spoken to your employees every day. You will have this to work for you and with you for years to come.

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Julie Kouhia, CEO

"Kathryn provided practical, effective management tools and training that have increased productivity and engagement throughout the company. We consider her a true business partner. "

Chris Shonnard, Owner

"We are thrilled with the results! Kathryn gave us the tools we needed for employee hiring, training, and customer service to differentiate ourselves from the competition. "

Susan Griffith Preston, CEO

"Kathryn has provided a framework and training for our business to compete and excel in today's challenging times and our company will forever be grateful. "

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About Kathryn Dager & Profitivity Inc.


Kathryn Dager, M.A., the President and Founder of Profitivity, Inc., is an internationally recognized Speaker, Business Culture Consultant and Master Trainer for small and large organizations, worldwide. She is a #1 best selling author of “The Business Owner’s Guide To Empowered Leadership.” She has created a award-winning training systems, interactive virtual courses, published dozens of articles and is considered a dynamic, enlightening and entertaining business development expert. Her clients call Kathryn "The Workplace Whisperer" because she consistently turns dysfunctional work groups into aligned, productive, profitable teams.

Kathryn founded Profitivity in 1985 and for over 30 years has successfully created team-driven work environments where individuals are inspired, focused and valued "stakeholders."



Featured Topics

Are You Baby-Sitting Or Delegating?

Statistics show that only 2% of the workforce works well without supervision! This means that people are not “self-starters” by nature, which puts pressure on management to hold employees accountable. In this workshop, managers and team leaders learn a new approach to getting things done through others to avoid burning themselves out. They explore how get the most from their staff by setting clear boundaries, delegating with trust, observing, coaching and rewarding performance. Participants learn to listen and gain cooperation by collaborating with their staff to achieve every task, goal and sales target..

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Get The Right People On Your Team!

You can’t play the game without a team—hiring the right people is the single most important aspect of building a business. One bad apple and your business results could be in the tank! The reality is that most owners and managers are not professionally trained to hire, so they tend to bring in family, friends and kids-of-friends to “fill the schedule” rather than following a well-designed, integrated system. In this presentation, Kathryn will clarify who would be “right” to hire for your business, your customers and your reputation. You will learn ways to attract the best and screen out unwilling, uncooperative, incompetent and potentially disruptive people.

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Turn Your Payroll Into Profit!

This is a powerful workshop full of eye-opening activities and tangible skills that support business leaders to make their employees productive rather than “happy.” Participants will learn new collaboration techniques, motivational tools, proven approaches to prompt behavioral change and compelling communication improvement methods, and take away practical strategies to build trust and keep teams motivated to create profits. Participants are empowered with the skills and confidence to set goals, delegate, execute and hold everyone accountable.

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The Business Owner's Guide to Empowered Leadership

Proven Strategies to Engage Your Team, Inspire High Performance and Increase Sales Without Micromanaging.

Written By: Kathryn Dager and Danielle Isaac